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Strong, passionate, simple and always authentic, KIKIITO focuses on what it feels like as much as what it looks like. Giving you a feeling of strength and the confidence to be yourself. Life is about creating stories and living your journey. A comfort blanket that empowers you to follow your heart. Influenced by the spirit of LA, edge of London and the balance and simplicity of Japan. 

KIKIITO is the brainchild of Japanese-born, Kiki Ito. Trained and based in London, she spent many years living and travelling to LA.

Growing up with her father, who is a passionate and dedicated landscape architect, “passion” was everything. He instilled the spirit of ‘drive’ and ‘love’ in everything his children did. This has become the root to everything Kiki has done since and has become the foundation to the KIKIITO brand 

‘Do it with passion.’

Kiki left Japan at the age of eighteen to live in LA, which had always felt like her spiritual home and had been a lifelong dream “to live the ‘LA life.’” The ocean, the casual lifestyle, the connection to a relaxed, luxury existence…

After absorbing the waves, the sun and the culture for six, informative years, Kiki left her Californian dream behind to start a new journey in London.  Here, she followed her new passion, designing accessories and seeking further training at First London College of Fashion.

Having worked in design and production for many brands for over 12 years, ranging from high street to high-end, Kiki learned the technical and professional skills that she could marry with her journey from Japan through to LA and arriving in London; conceiving the KIKIITO brand.

“There is so much to gain from living our passions and also so much to continually learn. Life is a journey, follow your heart” says KIKI.